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Longde’s Dust Mite Vacuum with UV Sterilisation LD-CM25A

This is for you, especially for those who’s having allergies or asthma, or you can use this to get rid of dust mites, bed bugs, or any small bugs which are barely visible to the naked eye! At your bed, your favourite couch or sofa, this would proof handy to get rid of those pests and also sanitizes.

The powerful Dust Mite Vacuum operates at 3000 rpm and effectively removes all mites, bugs, pollens, microorganisms which stay in your mattress, bedsheets, cushion, sofas or your kid’s play area or bed and many more.

As the name suggests, UV vacuum produces beams of UV light. This light, at 160mm, will get rid of dust mites and other disease-causing organisms. The UV light also alters the DNA of dust mite eggs. This considerably reduces the rate at which the eggs hatch. This leads to a significant reduction in the dust mites’ population growth.

Meanwhile, the vacuum sucks in the dead dust mites and other germs. With this UV vacuum, you will greatly reduce the risk of exposure to allergens that are brought about by dust mites.

This is one of the latest invention of our products, the “UV Sterilisation Vacuum Cleaner” which you will never regret having one at home in this #newnorm #todaylife!

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