Keyson E160 Smart Lock

Keyson E160 Smart Lock, is a Premium Series smart door lock solution for glass doors

Keyson E160 Smart Lock for Glass Door

Premium Series Smart Door Lock

Keyson E160 Smart Lock, is a Premium Series smart door lock for Glass Doors offered by TigLab AI. It comes with 8 ways to unlock the smart lock to your home and office – 3D Face, fingerprint, smart RFID cards, passcodes, mechanical key, temporary passwords, one-time passwords, and also remote unlocking when you are away from home or office. All methods provide you a safe and secure way to your property. Keyson E160 Smart Lock also comes with ready integration into Smart Home system such as Tuya and SmartLife. 

8 Unlocking Methods

Built specially for Glass Door

Built-in Door Bell

3D Face Recognition


Remote Management

Tuya WiFi-enable



Suitable for all glass doors panels and configurations - single or dual opening, frame or frameless

3D Face recognition

High accuracy of up to 99.9%

Semiconductor Fingerprint Reader

Uses OFILM technology, error rate less than 0.001%


Logging all entry and exit, and store up to 100,000 records for review

Remote Management

Remote unlock, dynamic passcode, temporary passcode, user assignment via smart mobile application

Anti-theft and anti-drilling

C-class anti-theft cylinder lock Equipped with anti-drilling protection

8 Unlocking Methods

Provides various unlocking methods for all different scenarios in mind

3D Face Unlock

Fingerprint Unlock

Passcode Unlock

ID Card Unlock

Mechanical Key

Remote App Unlock

Dynamic One-Time Passcode

Time-based Passcode

C-Class Anti-Theft Cylinder Lock


Multi-Track Cylinder Key

OFILM Technology Fingerprint Reader



Keyson E160: 01-Frameless Glass Door Single Opening vs Static Wooden Panel

Frameless Single Opening Glass Door vs Still Wooden Panel

Keyson E160: 02-Frameless Glass Door Single Opening vs Static Glass Panel

Frameless Single Opening Glass Door vs Still Glass Panel

Keyson E160: 03-Frameless Glass Door Dual Opening

Frameless Dual Opening Glass Door
* Requires Ground Plug

Keyson E160: 04-Wooden or Aluminum Frame Glass Door Dual Opening

Glass Door with Wooden/Aluminium Frame Dual Opening Glass

Keyson E160 Smart Lock Specifications

Keyson E160 Smart Lock for Glass Door

Product Name

Keyson E160


170 x 68 mm (main panel)
170 x 38 mm (side panel) - Optional

3D Face Capacity


Fingerprint Capacity


Passcode Capacity


IC Card Capacity


Unlock Mechanism

3D Face / Fingerprint/ Passcode / ID Card /
Mechanical Key / Remote App / Dynamic Passcode / Temporary Passcode

Emergency Power Supply


Main Power Supply

6V (4 x AA batteries)

Passcode Length

8 digits

Suitable For

Glass Door - Single Panel
Glass Door - Double Panel
Glass Door with Wooden or Aluminium Frame
* For both Single Opening and Dual Opening

Thickness & Gap

Glass Door Thickness
10 - 12 mm

Glass Door Gap
4 -12 mm

Elite and Premium Series Smart Lock.

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