Cilaisen’s inspiration comes from the Victorian era. An era when the life of the elite and middle class was full of promising, respected and rich atmosphere. The British national spirit of passion, self-respect, humility and patriotism is generally pursued. And Queen Victoria is a distinguished example of these characters. In the interweaving of modern and traditional, life style also reflects a new face in the inheritance. When lifestyle is more than luxury and indulgence, returning to the true and self-health becomes a new trend.

Cilaisen (pronounced as “c-lay-sen”) is a brand of personal care and home life luxury under Cilaisen (UK) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. With exquisite, cutting-edge technology application and intimate user experience, Cilaisen has been sought after by British and European consumers. Cilaisen has a high degree of recognition in the market of personal care.

Cilaisen started entering the global market in 2018. Cilaisen’s first entry is in China with the business module of “healthy life home” and multiple life concepts, combined with global user needs, in-depth insight into the personalized needs of Asian consumers, and launched new personal care products catered for Asian consumer segments.

TigLab handpicked selected Cilaisen’s quality products that would offer personalised beauty and health care to South East Asia’s consumers. Below are some of the items that we’re planning to bring to the shore of Malaysia in 2020!

Proudly bringing you a lightweight and portable UV-C sterilisation disc for your on-the-go use. Tap on the image to find out more!
Another proud offering of Cilaisen, a UV sterilization box with wireless charging for you phone. Tap the image to find out more!
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