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UVC Disinfection Box with Wireless Charging


Effective sterilization at home with this UV Box that uses ozone and ultraviolet to thoroughly remove bacteria and germs. Charges your phone wirelessly while sterilizing your personal items.

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  • Ultraviolet sterilization + Wireless Charging
  • Additional impact with ozone to permeate the effect of sterilization within the entire box versus just relying on Ultraviolet that can only direct in a straight line
  • Sterilize your mobile phone, your mask, your keys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This product can be powered just by connecting the provided USB-C cable to your existing power plug.
A flashing red light indicates that the Ozone and UV sterilization is in progress. A blue light indicates wireless charging of the phone placed on top is in progress. A flashing blue light indicates that a foreign object that cannot be wireless charged or a phone that's not placed properly in top of the box is detected. For more description, please refer to the provided user manual, or simply download it from our website.

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