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Breakfast Waffle Maker by Macaiiroos


Quick, fast and simple for your daily light breakfast needs. Easily switchable baking moulds to create your favourite sandwich or waffles.

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  • Full bakelite shell, safe and anti-scalding
  • Two interchangeable baking moulds included - Waffle and Sandwich moulds, easily switchable
  • High efficiency double-sided baking, saving you time and electricity
  • Baking starts immediately upon power on, automatic temperature control and power off, reliable performance
  • One-click disassembly of the bakeware, non-stick coating, easy cleaning
  • High carbon steel heating tube, prevents dry-burning, long lasting shell-life and durable
  • Voltage: 220V, Power Consumption: 500W

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Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 590 × 385 × 342 mm

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