Cmech Glider Easy to Install

Installing Cmech Glider in less than an hour

Easy to install Cmech Glider smart cabinets! 

A time-lapsed video sharing of the installation process of Cmech Glider and Cmech Glider lift edition in our client’s place. 

The area is a lounge setup for entertaining guests, set within a glass house area. 

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Installation process is very straightforward, as the smart cabinets already come built-up with the specific measurement that’s chosen by our client. Our appointed contractors just need to measure, identify the drill points, did the drilling, and voila, the Cmech smart cabinets are snapped into place as easy as Lego pieces. Final touch of  securing screw bolts and connect the power to reveal the black mirrored folding  panels with the lights on without any extra costs. 

The entire installation process took less than an hour 😊. The easy to install Cmech Glider instructions and appointed contractors, definitely helped the process of the installation to our satisfied client. 

Reach out to us for enquiry on our Cmech smart cabinets. We welcome Interior Designers and are looking for opportunities to collaborate in smart home and office designs. 

Smart Cabinets, Cmech Glider and Cmech Glider Lift Edition brought to you luxuriously by “TigLab AI by Keyson”. 

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