Smart Intelligent Cabinet for your Luxury Kitchen

In this post, we’d like to share with you some of the ideas on how we use CMECH’s smart intelligent cabinet for your luxury kitchen design. To us, luxury and cozy is to the eye of the beholder. It depends on individuality. For us, a luxury and cozy kitchen means “a space with texture of various types, colours and proportions”. 

Here are a couple of selection of how we’d blend smart cabinets into your kitchen space designs, built with high quality materials and unique styling. 

Smart Cabinet Kitchen Design ideas.

A White, Clean Grandeur Styling

Pairing CMECH’s White colour Glass panels with White colour wood panel finishing, offers a chic feeling and warmth to the whole kitchen design. 

Black & White, Modern Contemporary

Pairing CMECH’s Black colour Glass panels with White colour wood panel finishing, offers a contrast pleasing to the eyes as well as modern contemporary

Above are some selection of smart cabinet kitchen designs we’ve from TigLab as ideas for you to pursue. We’ve matched the different glass panel colours with wood colours finishing. Check out CMECH Glider specifications for other available colours that can match your design ideas. 

Check out the features of CMECH Smart Cabinet available in Malaysia, the first high-end smart cabinet brought to you by TigLab AI. 

Also available is the CMECH Glider Lift Edition, a companion to CMECH Glider. Look out for our next post to describe its functionality!

For project references of luxury properties that featured CMECH, check out project cases by CMECH brand around the world. 

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